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Sometimes, normalcy is great — check that: it usually is!

There’s plenty of drama in life, sometimes too much. So on Day 2 at Wimbledon, where many matches are cancelled because of rain, where there are no major upsets, and your daughter has made it to summer school having only marked up the couch a bit while drawing but in good spirits, you’re grateful!

Parenthood in general is full of surprises, but having a child with an extra chromosome definitely keeps you on your toes. Sometimes I just need to let go. This morning my beautiful daughter was reading to me about planets, a follow-up to her new interest in planetariums — pretty great for any six-year-old kid! Yet instead of fully embracing Ellen’s reading at a level or two above her age, I urged her to speak more clearly, telling her that people might underestimate her if she didn’t show her full range of capabilities.

I’ve coached kids and adults in tennis, and I look forward to teaching my daughter the game. My challenge will be to keep it in perspective, to embrace the normal: most kids will seek to move at their own pace in sports, in academics, in life. I sure did.

We’re lucky that in so many ways Ellen is like most other kids, yet my husband and I are also keenly aware that our journey with our daughter is still in its early stages. It’s only Day 2 at Wimbledon, and it’s only year 6 for Ellen Bear. There is so much to look forward to! It will rain, and some days will be more overcast than others, but the sun will shine again like it always does.

Ellen Bear