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In the Advancement world, some fiscal years end on the last of day of June albeit not always. Fortunately, any job I’ve had in Advancement/Development has ended 30 June. It’s my favorite time of year to celebrate a little, regroup, catch up on reading and appointments I’ve delayed, spend more time with family and friends, and take in Wimbledon!

It should be a pretty exciting weekend because rain delays have postponed several matches, and play will be scheduled for Wimbledon’s middle Sunday for the fourth time in 139 years!

For me the most compelling matches today were Juan Martin Del Potro defeating Stan Wawrinka and Venus Williams winning against Daria Kasatkina. It’s been a while since Juan Martin has even played at Wimbledon since struggling with injuries. To beat a former Australian and French Open champion and the fourth seed is remarkable. Del Potro won the U.S. Open seven years ago, but it seems a lot longer. I’m glad he’s back.

Venus has never really left, even after being diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome that can cause extreme fatigue. She’s been on the tour for 22 years! She made it through rain delays today against an opponent who is 17 years younger. Her tenacity is inspiring.

PapahoodI look at my daughter as someone who shows true grit. My husband and I met with her school counselor yesterday to talk about first grade. Ellen will receive some extra support in the classroom so she can continue to improve fine motor skills that in turn will enhance her writing and learning in general. She will be part of a regular first-grade class. So far, so good, although Ellen’s counselor and Ben and I agree that she does not like to show off at school. I wish she would sometimes, like she does at home! Ben and I have told her that some people may be inclined to underestimate her.

But Ellen has staying power, she is creative, and she embraces life. We have a few decisions to make in the next few weeks, like whether or not Ellen needs tubes in her ears. This is a major consideration because it would be the first surgery of any kind for Ellen. For now, though, we’re glad for a holiday weekend, time for family, friends, Wimbledon, and a few days to take life in at a different pace.