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After a weekend of museum visits, playdates, an excursion with her Buddhist School classmates to a beautiful part of Oʻahu, five rounds of Parcheesi, a family YMCA morning, and yes, Wimbledon, I told my daughter late yesterday that life is more than one themed attraction after another! I tried to be gentle, to explain the ebbs and flows of life, to urge her to be content with, even to relish the quiet times.

She smiled and said, “Let’s go outside and blow some bubbles.”

Fair enough! The day after Wimbledon has ended, the world of tennis goes on. First-round matches have already been played at the Hall of Fame Tennis Championships in Newport, R.I., the only major professional event held on grass courts outside of Europe. I’ve played on those gorgeous grass courts—another lifelong dream that I’ll save for another blog post. The men are also playing in Sweden and at the ATP Bet-at-home Open German Tennis Championships (quite a funny name for a tournament) in Hamburg. The women have left the grass courts in England for clay court tournaments in Romania and Switzerland.

They may not have won Wimbledon, but the pros at these tournaments are world-class athletes. Winning any of these tournaments is an incredible accomplishment. The locations are stunning, the hours logged by volunteers and paid staff to make the tournaments successful boggle the mind.

For the tennis world, the next several weeks are the quieter moments to savor before the U.S. Open. The storylines may not be as dramatic as those from Wimbledon, but there will be plenty of them. I’ll keep you posted!