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Der RegenbogenfischThis is one of those weeks leading up to the U.S. Open where it’s too early for the really big warm-up tournaments. A number of second- and third-tier tournaments are being played on both the women’s and men’s professional tours. I scan the results like I have for decades, note who has won well and who has had a surprising loss, but usually, one can bet that nothing earth-shattering is going to happen during these weeks. The most dramatic news, perhaps, is the number of withdrawals from the Olympics.

Fortunately, my week as a single parent has been — dare I write it, relatively smooth. Our little girl sobs a couple times a day and states clearly how much she misses her other dad, and she needs a few extra bedtime hugs and songs, but all things considered, it’s been uneventful. Thanks to wonderful friends and my husband’s great instructions, I’ve been following Ellen’s routines for her nutritional supplements (a subject upon which I can expand more in another blog), her need for lots of reading on her own, even a surprise trip to the Y yesterday where she could climb the wall to her heart’s content!

For me, I’ve been lucky so far to juggle some deadlines at work in the morning while Ellen is at summer school, and bonding time with our daughter in the afternoon and evening. I wake up at about 4:30 a.m. to squeeze in a bit of work time on the computer and to catch up on the world before Ellen wakes up without fail at 5:30. I try to do this in the evening after Ellen falls asleep, but I usually don’t last more than an hour!

At times like this, I like life to be uneventful — check that, I’m extremely grateful! My mother balanced three kids, a full-time career she adored, and my father’s studying for college degrees in another state and coming home on weekends. I took it for granted that she did all this with great humor and grace. I don’t take it for granted any more!