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Living near the mountains, we were lucky to stay dry through Tropical Storm Darby this weekend. Ellen slept through the considerable thunder and lightning, which is unusual for Hawaii. Homelessness is pretty serious on Oahu, and I could not stop thinking about how many families without a home must have had their lives thrown even more off course yesterday. We often see these families on our way to the YMCA, museums, Ellen’s favorite place to have breakfast. We live pretty modestly, but we have a good life in a place where the cost of living is very high.

Laura Siegemund of Germany won her first title on the main women’s professional tour. She is a late bloomer and has slowly but surely climbed her way into the Top 50. During her press conference in Bastad, Sweden, yesterday she reflected on her thankfulness, on staying out “of that narrow, unhappy perspective. I try to see the big picture more now than before.”

Those are my thoughts too as a new school year approaches and time becomes even more valuable with our full-time careers and Ellen entering first grade in a school known for its high academic standards. (She will be in a “regular” class.) Yes, we will no doubt have expected and unexpected challenges, but looking at the big picture, we’re in pretty great shape to embrace them.