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Unsere kleine KatzeSometimes my posts touch on subjects that are like rainclouds that have not yet opened. Words are waiting but are not yet ready to come out. They will, be it when I write about mainstreaming students with trisomy 21, medical advances, nutrition protocols, or, on the tennis side, the Olympics, athletes’ confidence and perseverance, to name a few. As a Quaker, I call these “weighty” subjects.

Weighty for me can still be light and Light in a Quaker sense. My goal is to blog for at least a year. As a runner revving himself up for his 18th marathon, I know that to get there I need to mix in intense and light runs.

Ellen’s first day of first grade was an amazing day. I’m still a bit in that day just like a good run doesn’t leave me for a while.

There sure is a lot happening right now, but I’ll make it a short run today!