For lots of different reasons today Gerry has crossed my mind. He was (is) a gentleman of the finest nature who loved and looked out for his family and friends. His warmth and humor made people feel at ease around him. Ben and I were lucky to know Gerry, his wife, and his two wonderful children when we lived in Baltimore. I wish he had met Ellen, but I have a feeling he has sent her a smile or two as one of the angels who played a role in her coming into our lives.

Gerry helped Ben and me find and afford a home a few hours away from Baltimore where Ben could focus on and finish his doctorate. We also spent many hours in Berkeley Springs contemplating next steps for parenthood. When I signed the mortgage check this morning, I was reminded how Gerry went to bat for us every way he could. We have kept our little red home that is thousands of miles away from Hawaii, and one day when we finish paying for it, I will share a toast with Gerry. Mahalo!