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Our pumpkinIt’s the last day of a packed week. On the home front, the first full week of a new school year even though we all were involved with school over the summer. On the tennis front, the Olympic tournament that is growing on me more than I expected it to. On the  Olympics front, the Olympics which are growing on me more than I expected them to — and causing mild sleep deprivation! On the blog front, the growing realization that I may have two blogs going: one about tennis and trisomy 21, and the other about angels. We’ll see what develops. I even sense a marathon subtheme rising, but two blogs are all I can handle for now. On the political front — let’s not go there! I will not endorse anyone in this blog even though it probably is pretty clear whom I support.

That’s my excitement in a nutshell. I usually write the blog during the week unless I can’t contain myself! I would love to hear from you, dear readers, how your week turned out.