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Pumpkin in einer KuhIt’s a holiday weekend here in Hawaii. My last few postings have been a little on the long side. Sometimes a boy just has to write!

Even with the women and men playing together at the Western and Southern Open in Cincinnati, it seems like the tennis world is taking a bit of a post-Olympics, pre-U.S. Open breather. There could be a major footnote, though, after the tournament is over: Serena Williams may no longer be the number one player, a ranking she has held since 2013.

So this is one of those times when a picture is worth a thousand words. See you back on Monday!

Personal footnote: Mahalo to my friend Dave for helping me get through 12 miles today. Dave and my “sister” Robin are usually the first people with whom I check in when I need to run a long distance, trade groundstrokes, or seek wisdom! They keep me grounded and fit! Nothing like stunning views of the ocean, which was part of our running route this morning, to put the world in perspective.