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For decades, I have subscribed to the German version of People — well, given that it’s Europe, there’s probably a few more photo spreads about kings and queens. Bunte also contains in-depth interviews with politicians, informative health articles, and, because of all those articles about royal homes, quite a bit of history. My cousins in Bavaria used to tease me with great glee about my reading Bunte, but for many an evening, especially when I was single, and even after I had the unforeseen fortune of meeting Ben, nothing felt better than curling up with the latest issue — an actual glossy magazine — and a bag of potato chips!

Trying to become a better parent and husband, learning more about Trisomy 21, holding a full-time job I really enjoy, keeping up with running and tennis, and finally, finally, beginning this blog — something had to give. Potato chips fell by the wayside long ago as did anything with overt sugar. I’ve been a vegetarian for years. But now for the real deal: a week after I began this blog, my subscription to Bunte ran out, and I implored my very considerate husband not to renew it. At a certain point, new leaves need to be turned over, however painful!

I read recently that for a new habit to stick it needs to be kept going for 66 days. Notwithstanding that I usually do not do a weekend posting, this blog will be up and running for 66 days this coming Friday!

Between now and then, I will be writing a lot about my beautiful daughter and the US Open which began today. True confession: I will also sneak in a little time to read Bunte online!