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Given the US Open used to be one of my favorite tournaments of the year, I’ve written very little about it in my blog this week called Tennis and Trisomy 21!

When Ben and I decided to be a couple 14 years ago, I had pretty much switched to distance running as my sport of choice. My boss, though, at one of the tennis clubs where I worked said, “You will always go back to tennis. It’s like the first time you fall in love. It will always be there.”

Not bad coming from a straight man — and a really good boss and tennis player!

So even though parenthood, couplehood, Hawaiihood, and workhood have kind of taken over my life, my former boss is right: tennis is always there. And today is already semifinal day at the Open.

I’ll post this entry before the semifinals are played because — dare I write this —sometimes the suspense of wondering who will win is actually more fun than the matches themselves!

The lineup today for the women’s singles is Serena Williams versus Karolina Pliskova and Angelique Kerber versus Caroline Wozniacki. It’s not like the days of Navratilova and Evert where I based my day on watching their matches. I may not even be able to watch any matches live today. I’m fascinated by Karolina’s taking the game to the next level with her serve and a forehand that is flat but could morph into sidespin and bring her to the net more often. The game could use a few more players who love coming to net!

I’ll likely catch the highlights. Tomorrow I may leave work a bit early to hit the treadmill and stay on track with my marathon training while watching the men’s semifinals live on the little treadmill screen. That way I can combine my first and second sport loves and make it home in the evening to be a good father and husband. Have I mentioned yet that I also really like hockey?! I wonder how I can squeeze that in!