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A double posting today, something I’ve never done! I’ve now kept my blog going longer than 66 days, so it is a bone fide habit!

The double posting celebrates this new daily routine (except on weekends), even if I needed six years of ruminating about it before I finally began. I dedicate it to three friends who once again this week showed a generosity of spirit for which I am always grateful.

As a Quaker, I lean toward a fair amount of processing! The practice guides me in seeking Light and affirming it in myself and others. This week has brought a bit of turbulence to my life. Three friends have helped me deal openly with it, to discern its truth, to approach it cordially.

What’s remarkable is the reliability of support from these friends, all of whom lead busy, complex lives. They listen closely and with openness. They foster clarity. Guess what? Only one of them is actually a Quaker! All three, though, are Friends in the best sense of the word. Mahalo/Danke/Thank you.