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Having a young child means reading is a true luxury. I find that on weekends during daylight hours I grab five-to-10 minute snatches to read. By night, all I’m usually good for is a bit of food, television, and maybe a few sentences I mutter to my husband!

Somewhere this weekend I read a passage that has stayed with me even through Monday. It was about the opportunity we all have to change. For some, that could be good change, for others, gulp, change for the worse. How does this happen? It can be a life-changing event that goes right to our core of who we are and how we want to spend the precious time we have on this earth. It informs the direction of the rest of our lives.

pumpkin-und-musikMy daughter did that for me. I never imagined how aware of extra chromosomes I would become and how I wanted to help others learn about them. Ellen’s coming into this world did change the direction of my life forever — for the good. I’ve become a lot less selfish, more in tune than I already was about appreciating differences in all of us, more forgiving of myself and others, more aware of complexities all of us carry with us.

On a lighter note, in the men’s and women’s singles finals of the US Open, the winners both embraced change in their games. Angelique Kerber has become the oldest player to reach the top of the rankings for the first time because she brought more aggression into key matches this year, and because she trained herself to stay positive. Stan Wawrinka cast away any doubt that he saves his best for when it counts the most by overpowering Novak Djokovic.

I knew when I fell in love with tennis at an early age that it would stay with me all my life even if we endured a few separations because of those pesky marathons and my body only being able to take on so much! Until my husband and daughter came along, tennis remained my most constant companion. I’m glad that even now, together with Ben and Ellen, it inspires me to strive for more.

P.S. When Ellen was asked at a dinner party this weekend what sport she likes most, she replied, “Tennis!”