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For followers of my blog, you may have noticed that most weeks I have three themes that are constants: tennis, trisomy 21, and angels. Of the three, I’m probably most expert in tennis, followed by trisomy 21, and then angels who have fascinated me my entire life.

In no way do I claim to be an angelologist. I’m teaching myself to become a bit more versed in angelology, for now by reading books in German that were given to me by close friends.

Another brief disclaimer: I’m still the same guy who loves his family, tennis, running, poetry, and his job. I’m still a klutz. My ears are still huge. I do not believe them to be my wings. In fact, for someone fascinated by angels, it takes a miracle for me to fly anywhere! I live practically. I always pay my bills ahead of time.

But I do believe in miracles, and I also believe in gratitude to angels who are among us right here and now in the form of loved ones, friends, or someone we may encounter just once or twice but who changes us forever. I also believe in those who guide and guard us from other realms.

This blog has given me many opportunities. On the angel front, I’ve been able to write about people whom I never have properly thanked, and to be more mindful of those whom I wish to thank sooner than later.

A real awakening has been the realization that I encounter angels pretty regularly. I’m lucky to be more aware of this since I’ve started Tennis and Trisomy 21, and I will write about one of them for tomorrow’s posting.