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It’s to be expected: the excitement of the US Open is still with us, but the week after a major tournament is always a bit of a letdown, especially for the fans. Sure, I’m still following results, for example, at the Coupe Banque Nationale in Quebec City, or wondering about Davis Cup semifinals, but my emotions on the tennis front are more subdued!

On the trisomy 21 front, I’m thrilled with Ellen’s progress as a little girl fully integrated in her class who is reading like a dream, whose vocabulary in two languages is taking off, who expresses opinions easily and clearly, but who still needs to work on fine motor skills! We heard this week from Ellen’s extraordinary godmother, a young woman who also has the gift of an extra chromosome and who has now graduated from college, holding down a solid job, and pretty much living independently. Receiving news about Greta, who lives an ocean away but about whom we think often, has been a highlight.

On the work front, much is happening, but right now in a low-key way. So it is perhaps no surprise that tomorrow evening I will speak at an interfaith service about the Quaker tradition of assembling for quiet time together, for being patient and open. I enjoy weeks like this: low on drama, especially considering what is going on in the world around us, and gathering energy for what lies ahead.