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I know I could offer more pearls of wisdom about tennis and/or raising a child with trisomy 21, or even angels, but today I’m going to keep the post as light as … pajamas.

As most parents know, having your young child get dressed for the day can be like watching a sitcom except that sometimes you are living the sitcom!

I love to iron, and I have the family’s “costumes,” as I like to call them, set for the week. Since last year, Ellen weighs in on everyone’s costume choices. She dresses herself just fine, but today she wanted to go to school in her new pajamas.

Unsere kleine KatzeI understood. I even told her I wanted to do that too! I’m sure that had someone been testing my parental skills in that moment, I would have received a D-.

Although I have loved school and work all my life, I secretly yearn for a world where wearing pajamas all day would sometimes be just fine! In fact, when we lived in an intentional learning community in Iowa in the middle of miles of farms, some students did show up for class and other activities in their pajamas.

With all the seriousness around us that is magnified by instant news about everything, how fun it would be to lighten up and see each other in pajamas in the grocery store, at board meetings, Sunday worship time.

After much persuasion this morning, including the threat that Family Pizza Night would be cancelled, Ellen wore a traditional skirt and top to school, cute as all get out. In a few hours, safe at home and before bedtime, we’ll go back to wearing pajamas.