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As of today, this blog will have a new styling.

It’s kind of like when folks change their first, middle, or last names to reflect who they have become as a person. After years of waiting for the right moment, I began this blog with the premise that tennis would give the subject of trisomy 21 a lighter touch, as Down Syndrome can be a pretty heavy-duty topic for most people.

I’ve realized these past few months that in writing about my daughter and tennis, a third thread has come through loud and clear: gratitude.

I could not be writing this blog today without “angels” having come in to play: friends still walking this earth or friends who have moved to a different level who have assisted me all my life. They guide us in astonishing ways.

Because we’re in this together, this blog will now be called: Tennis, Trisomy 21, and Taking in Life Together.

Stay tuned!