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Sometimes angels come into your life at the most unexpected times. The week rolls along with its reassuring routines. By Friday, the battle over exhaustion is nearly won. A weekend promises more time for family, faith, those fun training runs for a marathon!

But once in a while someone appears out of nowhere, even on a Friday, and you realize, well, this is an amazing bit of luck.

A few weeks ago, an artist named MaryAnne came into my office at the school where I work to leave a donation in memory of a friend. Within five minutes I knew why I keep my door open whenever possible.

Meeting MaryAnne was similar to how I feel when I go to a Fulbright event: people who may never have known each other before, of all ages and languages, have an instant rapport. MaryAnne is a painter. I’m a poet. Although we may have spoken to each other in different dialects, the understanding was instantaneous.

I took a bit of a deep breath and invited MaryAnne to my blog. She is now following it, and I know will soon meet my daughter and husband. It was actually MaryAnne who suggested the new name for this blog, so I want to acknowledge her properly and affirm that keeping our hearts open is always worthwhile.