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I’m writing this in actual time, as it happens, so to speak (but it will be posted on 29 September).

I have written lovingly, longingly, of our astonishing six-year-old daughter.

Tonight she acted like a six-year-old brat, big time.

There was no stopping her, even though I missed her the entire day.

But this isn’t about me. It’s the tip of the iceberg about a man whom I love more than anything who is the best father of I have ever known: Ben.

benYou may see his picture in this posting and agree what I felt the first time I ever saw Ben 14 years ago: this is a prince amongst princes. I never dreamt that he would be my prince, but I went for it.

I had always wanted parenthood. Ben, not so much. But he is 1,000 times the parent I will ever be: kind, patient, reasonable, resilient, selfless beyond capacity, smart, humorous, fun, gentle.

So even after a rough week where he had to swallow more than his share of disappointments, he sang our daughter to bed as he always does, as he sometimes does even me! It was the first time in six years, where, thanks to Ellen’s raging brattiness (which does not happen too often), I thought, “My husband comes first, then my child.”

Like I wrote, this is the tip of the iceberg, a glimpse of the angel wings that Ben was born with (even if he would claim quite the contrary).