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Call me a wimp. It’s been a long week. Actually, it’s been a long month and it’s only the 7th of October!pumpkin

I love balancing the loves of my life: my daughter, husband, friends, job, my faith, tennis, running, and potato chips. I read last week in the German press an article about a soccer coach I admire: Joachim Löw. He wrote that after emotion-packed stretches, he takes four days off to enjoy stillness, mute the world, and then come out of his cocoon fresh as a butterfly! He also does not have children and he recently separated from his wife — and earns a tidy salary — so he has a bit more freedom for this ritual than most of us do!

In my own way today, though, I’m doing the equivalent: quietly moving ahead with projects at work and a light blog posting with a picture that is my inspiration — my gorgeous, courageous, smart, fun daughter. Tomorrow I’ll be ready to run 15 miles to train for the marathon in December. Have a great weekend, everyone!