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I just finished my “Deutschstunde,” a one-hour elective in German I teach to one very dedicated student twice a week at the school where most of my work is in advancement (moving the school from where it is now to what it wants to be for future generations and building a culture of philanthropy ) — with a little cross country assistance mixed in now and then!

It all makes for exciting and usually quick weeks. It seems like the tempo of our lives has moved at a rapid pace since we left Iowa for Hawaii more than two years ago. As Ellen advances in school, especially this year, I find myself wanting time to stand still, just a little. Everything about her is growing at a rapid pace: her hair, her long legs, and mostly her mind and ability to read everything in sight!

Pumpkin liebt Bücher!The picture in this posting was taken less than a year ago, and she has already changed so much since then. I told a friend yesterday that as a Quaker, I’m grateful for quiet moments to take in the  world that rushes by, to enjoy finding Light within even if it takes a few tries to come into a rich, beautiful quiet. The struggle to do that is joyful, and sometimes it’s no struggle whatsoever — it just happens.

Between marathon training, Girl Scouts, some advancement and housework, and a visit to a new museum exhibit that is on Ellen’s list, I will be alert this weekend for the silence that can happen anywhere. With the end of the tennis year on the near horizon — and oh yes, a national election in a few weeks — the peace will be very welcome! I wish all my readers a wonderful weekend.