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seelenverwandtEarlier this week my husband and I both were encouraging, then coaxing, a bit later begging, and finally demanding that our daughter close her pretend classroom on our living room floor and finish getting ready for her real school. (Ellen loves to take attendance at home!)

With minutes to spare, Ben and I presented ourselves as examples of moving from home life to going out into the world for the day. We talked about the last part of the race — in this case the race to get ready — being the hardest part.

Finally, we fell back on semi-serious threats of not going to museums or Ellen’s favorite restaurant this approaching weekend. It worked.

Ellen always comes through. She has weathered many transitions on our journey to Hawaii. She has seen one of her fathers, to everyone’s relief, come out the better end of an unexpected, life-changing medical issue. She has made giant leaps in her learning. She’s kept her smart sense of humor through it all.

As we approach our third Halloween in Hawaii, Ellen will need a new costume, as cute as last year’s was. She has outgrown it. Fortunately, she hasn’t outgrown us yet. My last entry for this blog was wistful, a poem with an undertone of wishing everything could stay just as it is. If it were only so! As the week races to its end, our family will step back, just a little, to be grateful for and to enjoy the finish line.