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We moved to Hawaii 29 months ago. (I actually arrived two months earlier than Ben and Ellen, so I’m at 31 months.) Ben has been back to the Mainland once. Ellen and I have not. I don’t know if I ever will.

I would rather do just about anything than be in an airplane. If I can walk, run, swim, take a boat or train or get in a car, I’ll do it. I have vertigo so I avoid heights and planes. I’m also a Plain Quaker, so faith also enters the picture a bit.

It’s a good thing I don’t have what is referred to in Hawaii as Rock Fever. From what I understand, it can be caused by homesickness, a lack of enthusiasm for local culture, taking in the same scenery and weather every day.

I can honestly say I haven’t missed the Mainland one bit (except my family and friends who are always welcome to visit), that I wish had grown up in Hawaii, and that the same scenery and weather to some degree give me a sense of time standing still.

If someone were to tell me, “The rest of your life will be spent in a five-mile radius,” I would respond, “Sure, that’s perfectly fine.” Everything I need — the Buddhist temple community we have joined, the YMCA, the Quaker Meetinghouse, two great grocery stores, my doctor, my daughter’s school, and the most stunning mountains and views of the ocean I’ve ever seen — are all within that radius.

Last week, following the election coverage on TV, I wondered why the candidates and reporters were wearing thick coats and scarves. It took me a few seconds to realize it might be getting cold on the campaign trail.

der-schneemanThe last time I saw snow, Ellen was very little. I’m glad we built a snowman. It’s a reference point for my daughter. There is actually snow on Hawaii on the Big Island. Some day we may build another!