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I’ve always believed children are the best teachers around. Now that I’m a parent, I know it.

My post for today has very few written words. It does, though, contain a link to a video I would love for readers to take a look at in case they have not yet already: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/woman-becomes-argentinas-first-teacher-with-downs-190955925.html

Footnote: The link was sent to me by a cousin who is the mother of my one of my husband’s former students. Long before I knew we were related, I felt a closeness to her. I just figured we had a lot in common. One day, she asked me to help translate a birth certificate in German from one of her ancestors. I saw that we shared a family name generations back that was different from both of our last names. Then I noticed that the name was from a hamlet in Bavaria where I still have cousins whom I have visited. After a little more research, we verified that we’re related — one of many reasons why I believe that our lives can be changed a great deal by that which is not immediately before our eyes.

A lot can happen with an open and bold heart. The young woman in the video link in this post is proof of that.