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I have tried to focus on my daughter, tennis, awareness of individuals with Trisomy 21, even a bit of my personal history in this blog. Readers of it have been generous with their feedback. I feel like I have gained friends throughout the world!

I’ve tried to stay away from the elephant in the room, or in this case, the elephant and the donkey: the presidential election in the next few weeks.

Every time I let my faith take over and start to relax about the election outcome, I’m reminded that I should not be breathing easily — or maybe it would be for the better if I started to inhale and exhale rhythmically.

This morning, my husband and I had about an hour to ourselves after Ellen was dropped off at school. At 7 a.m., an immediate headline jumped out at me from the TV screen. For this late day in October, it was quite a surprise, perhaps even a game changer in the election.

I know I must at this point be pretty used to living in Hawaii and thinking of it as the center of the world because my first thought was, “Boy, this is a pretty early hour for major news.” Half a second later, I remembered the time difference between Hawaii and the Mainland.

I promised my husband I would block out the October surprise so we could focus on our time together before we left for work. Several hours later, I’ve processed the news headlines. Just a few minutes ago, I spoke with a friend on the Mainland who has helped me stay calm until the actual election.

ellen-vor-3-jahrenFor readers who have followed this blog, you probably know that most of my life has been devoted to education — for myself and for others. Some causes I’ve championed for decades: gay rights, gay marriage, standing up to bullying and abuse, and, since I became a father, helping people recognize the many gifts women and men born with an extra chromosome bring to our world.

I hope the election gives us the candidate more likely to respect those causes the right to move into the White House.