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I’ve pretty much stayed on a thematic course with my posts this week — influenced by the weather, work, friendships, and above all my daughter.

How lucky I am that she came into my life in the most unexpected way, born with an extra chromosome, but capable of bearing any storm, ascending any mountain, brightening any path she travels.A Cow Bit My Cheek

I wake up and can’t wait to see her. I walk home from work and I am almost giddy knowing she will greet me. This year, her confidence and my dreams for her have soared thanks to her amazing teacher who wrote this yesterday:

She did it: Question if 3 chairs on the left. 8 on the left. How many chairs in class. She got it. She could tell me larger number and to count on.

Believe me, she’s not perfect. As I am writing this, her other father reminded her to go easy with the liquid soap for washing her hands. After all, liquid soap, especially in Hawaii where the cost of living is so high, doesn’t grow on palm trees!

We’re actually all a bit under the weather, but I’m pretty involved in a major fund- and friendraising event this evening for my job, and Ben and other teachers and staff from our small school will be helping to make it a success. As a family we’re hoping for a quiet weekend after a stormy week, for some rest, and moments to step back and smell the eucalyptus.