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Ben und Ellen!When I commit to something, I’m usually pretty consistent.

It took me forever to start this blog, but I committed to writing a post every day for at least a year except for holidays and weekends.

We soon have a holiday weekend upon us, so I want to be sure to note that for which I am especially grateful before I’m swept up in the excitement of preparing food and cleaning our home (which helps me relax!).

  1. My astonishing daughter and husband
  2. My extended family — and there are many of us. We could have our own village!
  3. My ʻohana in Hawaii — a word I did not know the meaning of until I moved here
  4. My daughter’s amazing teacher
  5. My daughter’s awesome teacher (Yes, I know I repeated #4!)
  6. The Buddhist temple communities to which my family belongs
  7. The Quaker communities to which my family belongs
  8. My job and colleagues
  9. Readers of this blog
  10. Marathon running
  11. A good book in German or English
  12. Coffee

    Everything else is truly icing on the cake! Happy Thanksgiving!