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It feels like weeks, rather than days since I last posted for this blog. Since I began it on my birthday last June, the only days I do not write are weekends and holidays — and it was a long holiday weekend!

With the my blog title being Tennis, Trisomy 21 and Taking in Life Together, let me give a few updates:

  1. On the tennis front, the season is over for traditional tournaments on the women’s and men’s major professional tours. For top-tier players, this is the time of year to rest, recover from injuries, and practice for the major action that will take place in Australia in January.
  2. Speaking of rest and recovery, I completed my last significant training run before the Honolulu Marathon in two weeks — 19 miles and I am still hurting! Now I get to taper before the big event. I always call days preceding the marathon Coronation Week. Friends ask you if you are excited, which, if you’re injury free, you usually are! Everybody is sending you his or her best wishes, you are a kind of hero to them and to yourself. Then, of course, you actually need to complete the miles on race day, all 26.2 of them! The past two years I’ve had a cold the week before the race (but still finished). I’m hoping that is not the case this year, so I may be eating a bit more garlic to ward off vampires and to stay healthy.
  3. On the Trisomy 21 front, I spent six hours alone with my daughter yesterday while my husband had a rare afternoon to himself to meet new friends. I’m stunned how words in two languages come easily to her, how much she loves to read and learn, how I’m beginning to feel my little girl is not only my daughter but a friend whose company I really enjoy! I know my daughter has an extra chromosome, but I see a bright kid who is taking in life with all its highs and lows. I was very excited that a new friend came to visit over the holiday weekend to get to know my family. We’re very grateful that she has shared her wonderful art and life with us.thanksgiving
  4. On that note, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My buddy who is helping me make it through my 18th marathon organized a gathering for fellowship and good food. Adjectives that come to mind about it are fun, easy, elegant, spiritual, just right. I hope, Dear Readers, that you also had a wonderful holiday as we head into a busy month with many miles ahead of us.