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I used to spend a lot of time working in and hanging around Waldorf schools. For readers familiar with the Waldorf world, temperaments are big part of the daily vocabulary.

I’ve never liked people being labeled on a daily basis or any basis. It brings up memories of being called “faggot” and worse. Some Waldorf folks want to paint you a solid color of “melancholic,” “phlegmatic,” “sanguine,” or (shudder) “choleric.” A few offer you different shades and percentages of the above.

Well, to most Waldorf folks I’m a melancholic with a hint of sanguine. Actually, my optimism has grown with each passing year, especially since I moved to Hawaii.

I do believe in positive thinking. A subtheme for my blog is angels among us: those we see every day who live among us, and those who guide us in a different form of energy. They accompany us, but we probably don’t want to take them for granted. To me as a growing optimist, I’ve gotten better at recognizing them.

I probably wasn’t in the greatest mood when my husband and I took Ellen to her classroom this morning. I don’t have a reason why, although I’m guessing the national election may have caused a little melancholia to resurface. It’s been hard to read or watch the news.

ellen-lerntMy mood brightened as soon as I saw Ellen with her teacher and her friends. My daughter’s classroom is beautiful, warm, inviting. It may not have all the fairy tale qualities of a Waldorf setting for young children, but I also know that Ellen will not be labeled at her school, and especially not by her teacher. That makes me incredibly sanguine!

Sure enough, later this morning I received this note from Ellen’s educator/guide/parent figure/angel:

I believe in signs. I was frustrated as I wasn’t sure if Ellen were grasping the math. Then lo and behold…..look!!!  I consider this the best gift of my entire life. Thank you for this opportunity. We have a ways to go. But woo hoo…. we are on our way!