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Yesterday I noted the fairytale qualities of Waldorf worlds I’ve been in, especially classrooms for young children.

In our new world in Hawaii, the school my daughter is in is may not be Waldorf, but the sense of wonder created by Ellen’s teacher this year has led to a six-year-old child bursting with confidence and curiosity, a girl who can’t wait to read (gasp) in two languages!

ellens-zahnSo my husband and I faced an unusual challenge this morning. We left a little girl in tears being soothed by her teacher and classmates because one of her front teeth was about to fall out. Soon after we arrived at work, it did.

It’s one of those times when two parents with packed days don’t want to leave their child. Ellen, of course, will be fine, and the tooth fairy will come tonight. In fact, although Ellen does not know this, a magical present to celebrate her milestone has already been procured and will be there when she wakes up tomorrow morning. As our daughter’s understanding of the world deepens, we want her at this point to believe in fairytales! I still believe in angels among us, and I know they are for real!