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This morning I thought, “Gee, for marathon week, why did I lock myself into movie subthemes for my blog posts?!”

Well, it helps to be flexible during a marathon, so I’ll be flexible this week with the posts. For today, though, I’ll continue the movie thread. Like yesterday, it features a film with Catherine Deneuve.

When I saw Indochine several years ago, I had already separated from my wife, not yet come out of the closet let alone date a man, and had not crossed over from tennis to running! In fact, I had never run more than a mile or two in one stretch.

Since that day when I went by myself to a grand movie theater in Baltimore to take in Indochine and Catherine the Great 24 years ago, I’ve finished 17 marathons.

I left that movie theater speechless for the next several hours. Indochine is ambitious, very long for a movie (almost three hours), plodding, melodramatic, at times silly, but stunning, mesmerizing, and a tour de force for Catherine.

I was reluctant to leave the theater after watching this marathon of a movie. In fact, after it closed a few weeks later, I begged the theater manager to give me the poster that was in a showcase window during the film’s run in Baltimore. At first she said no. A day later she called and said something about my request struck a chord in her and she gave me the poster. I kept it for 18 years before I moved back to Europe to be with my husband and our daughter.

But here I am in Honolulu, going for number 18 in less than a week. Last evening I did finish my final run of any significance before the big event. I stayed distracted — which helps during a marathon — by trying to figure out when I might finish if I ran the miles in so many minutes. That helped me forget about my turf toe and pretend I’m not getting a tiny cold.

Counting minutes, of course, is silly if you’re taking in a great movie or moving ever closer to completing 26.2 miles. It helps, though, to have great images along the course, as we do in Honolulu, or memories of classic films with Catherine Deneuve.