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I’ve wondered if I’m running out of marathon prepping movies for this week. Not yet, but I’ll write again about my all-time favorite film that I gushed about early last month: Trois couleurs: Rouge (Three Colors: Red) by  Krzysztof Kieślowski.

Red is the final work in a trilogy of films. It was, in fact, the director’s final film, but I do not plan to make Sunday’s marathon my last one!

Red draws the viewer into the lives of main and even minor characters who on the surface appear to have little in common but, as the film deepens, are inextricably and irrevocably interconnected.

The film is visually stunning, dominated by its title color, and steeped in layers of symbolism and themes that are rich, complex, at times Biblical, but never overwhelming. Red is about redemption, forgiveness, compassion, destiny, fate, desire, solitude, and fraternity.

I’ve seen Red 10 times. I’ve shown it to the people who matter most to me with mixed results. My husband loved it. My father watched it for 10 minutes in my parents’ home and decided going to bed was more appealing.

For me Red is everything I need to know about life. I hope to watch it with my daughter some day. In the meantime, though, I hope to squeeze a few more marathons out of my legs, and savor and honor the solitude and fraternity that those 26.2 miles have given me the past 17 times I’ve run them.

A footnote: when I picked up my race packet today, I needed to ask a race official, a much older man, a routine question. I had never met him before. Ten minutes later, I had learned that we both went to the same university, have shared interests in theology and neuroscience, and share the same philosophy about how to avoid cramps during 26.2 miles! We shook hands. Who knows? We may run into each other again, and not just at a marathon.