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pumpkinIt’s not about me anymore!

This marathon was #18, a fundraiser for my school, a wonderful team effort, my most difficult and also one of my satisfying. For a few minutes on Sunday — which already seems a long time rather than two days ago — I wondered if I would finish. I had never had that question in the previous 17.

But pretty decent all-year conditioning, reasonable diet as a vegetarian who is not thrilled about vegetables (!), staying positive rather than doubtful, great family and friends, and knowing I had done this many times before helped me complete those 26.2 miles.

In fact, when I was getting dressed for the marathon and rubbing down my legs at 3:30 a.m. in our home, I felt like a real athlete!

And now I’m over me!

I want to focus on gratitude to my family, friends, work colleagues, to be a more attentive father, husband, friend, poet, even Quaker!

It’s a relief to move forward, one step at a time!