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One of my loyal readers wrote about yesterday’s post: Sounds like you’ve got your New Year’s Resolutions all set!

I’m getting there!

After the national elections in November, I became more mindful of everything — large and small — for which I am thankful, including the opportunity to live, breathe, work, and move!

Joy in the simple act of running or walking was written in the faces of thousands of participants in the Honolulu marathon on Sunday. Fleeting misery could also be read in a few expressions, including mine! But we were all out there together, striving to become our better selves by putting one foot in front of the other.

I’ve had a dozen or so people approach me after the marathon who would like to try their first one and are seeking advice. I’m more than happy to oblige!

If I can help anyone feel better about him or herself or reach a dream, I’ll do it.

One person who congratulated me and said a marathon is on her bucket list is a cancer survivor. I thought about her today after I read that Robin Roberts, the journalist who has survived cancer said, “You can wish, hope and pray all you want ― I’m a very spiritual person ― but you know that you need the help of others to make your goals, make your dreams come true.”