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Even in Hawaii, with most of the state bathed in warm weather, it feels like winter. I wore a sweater this morning and have not taken it off all day. After living here a few years, I notice when the temperature dips into the low 70s. I would have a really tough time being in the last state we lived, Iowa, where it’s in the low 20s!

Only if someone forced me would I spend holidays in the air. I’d rather walk 100 miles than fly 100 miles. I miss my friends and family on the Mainland, but, call me a wimp, not enough to get in a plane. I like the interisland flights in Hawaii. The planes are smaller, the altitude is lower, yours truly can actually breathe.

pumpkin-in-iowaBut I still think of Iowa, and when I came across this photo the other day of my daughter from a few years ago, the magic of the holidays returned even though it’s my busiest time of year at work. We’re Quakers and Buddhists, but we have a tree in our home. We keep it up all year because I like to think of every day as magical, but right now it’s pretty sparkly! Now that the marathon is over, I can focus better on giving my daughter holiday memories to keep no matter what the temperature.