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pumpkin-und-papa-high-defHaving a young child can truly brighten the holiday season, even if, having grown up with snow, one is wearing short sleeves and it’s close to 80 degrees in Honolulu at 9 in the morning.

Yesterday I was in the Twilight Zone pretty much all waking moments. A brisk four-mile run helped, and seeing my daughter’s excitement about just about everything helped me climb out of my bewilderment.

If the last few posts have been a bit enigmatic, I apologize. In consideration of others, I sometimes hold back on details. Suffice it to say that just when I think I’ve got a few life mysteries solved, I realize there is still more to discern about them.

So today my daughter and I dressed up a bit to usher in a brighter perspective on all the world has to offer. She took a little longer to say good-bye to me as I was leaving her classroom. At one point, she asked me to stay. I did for a few more minutes until she skipped over to her friends and I skipped back to the car with my patient husband who for 14 years has helped me embrace the Light.