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I noted my brighter outlook this holiday season in my post yesterday. That will hold true if I stop reading headlines like North Pole Forecast To Be 50 Degrees Warmer Than Normal This Week or Donald Trump’s Cabinet a Boon for Conservatives or Queen Falls Ill, Cancels Travel Plans.

The Queen? Wait a second. Queen Elizabeth II is the one sure thing in this world, right? Above average Arctic temperatures? Aren’t we used to that and other weather anomalies by now? Donald Trump offering shimmers of hope for progress made in civil and equal rights in the last decades? How silly could I be?

But the Queen? She has survived everything and everybody, from dozens of prime ministers in her many realms, to nearly all of her children separating and divorcing, to public dismay after the royal family failing to fly a flag at half-mast after Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in a car crash.

The Queen may be 90, but her mother lived well past 100, so I’ve been counting on her longevity as a constant in a world that lately has appeared to be turned upside down. Before November, there were occasional days when I’ve felt this way. Since the national election, it’s been almost every day and I have yet to watch a newscast in its entirety. A few weeks ago, I started again clicking on headlines on my home computer. Now, like a moth drawn to a flame, I’m reading articles.

I’ve got to stop. I’m in Hawaii where the world feels safe and warm. I hope the Queen is with us for many more years, that she will travel soon, and that the world will again be a better place.