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I found time over the long holiday weekend to refocus, to review for the new year where I want to put my energy, what habits I hope to keep and those I would like to change.

familenphotoSo coming back to the world after a fair amount of time away from the office and far from the madding crowd, reentry has been blessedly gentle! I soaked up cuddle moments with my daughter this morning, and her two dads decided to stretch out the holiday gifts and cards, the last of which will be opened today.

Here in Hawaii we have what I savor: community — in our faith life, in our jobs, my daughter’s school, the YMCA, our neighborhood. Being on an island, you start to know how everybody is interconnected. Where ever we go, we run into friends!

Our neighbors had a holiday feast with the families of four homes so close to each other that when someone sneezes, I say “Bless you” through the window, and I usually hear in response, “Mahalo!”

I’m still recovering from a dog bite that is slowly mending, so I didn’t make it to the feast, but I heard laughter and plates clanking as I drifted off to early sleep. Before that, though, I listened to music that will help me a great deal since the national election: Mozart, the theme from the movie Out of Africa, and Pachelbel’s Canon in D.

Many years ago during a time of uncertainty a friend once said to me, “Listen to this music. Live life starting today.” That is a great intention, along with being a good listener, and I want to share it with my wonderful followers of this blog.