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Dear Readers,

So much racing through my mind in these days leading up to the New Year. The word I keep going back to, though, is gratitude. I’ve actually never been a huge list person, but I want to make a Gratitude List before the holiday weekend and before 2017 comes rushing in.

10 Reasons I’ve Been Grateful in 2016

  1. My family — immediate and extended. For the most part, everyone is healthy. My husband continues to recover from his stroke he had at 42. If I had not lived through that, I would never know he had one. We still hold our breath if something does not seem quite right, but so far so great and it’s coming up on two years. My mother also had a stroke a few months after Ben, and at least on the phone she is the same Mutti to me with her strong opinions and fierce intelligence.
  2. My daughter’s education. Ellen is more than holding her own right alongside her classmates who were not born with extra chromosome thanks to her extraordinary teacher and nearly everyone at the best school I could imagine for her. der-schneeman
  3. Hawaii weather. I’m actually cold and it’s about 75 degrees. I found this picture of Ellen and me from a few years ago.
  4. My friends and the communities we are part of here in Hawaii.
  5. My faith worlds here — the Quakers and the Buddhists.
  6. Potential for growth. It can be tempting to go through life with blinders on, but I work hard to be more open, to listen to others, to hear my own voice when I need to, to savor moments of grace and to know disappointments can be like cramps during a race — they can go away.
  7. The wisdom of others.
  8. My job.
  9. Completing my 18th marathon. I’m still standing!
  10. The ability to move forward.