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My writing this blog began last summer during Wimbledon, one of the four major championships held every year that most tennis players and fans build into their universe.

I’ve taken vacation days during Wimbledon and the French, US, and Australian Opens to watch matches on TV, or, years ago, to work as a volunteer for the International Tennis Hall of Fame booth at the US Open.

The tennis world goes mostly quiet during much of November and December. As parenthood is now my first priority in life, I don’t devour any tennis news I can find during these months like I used to for decades. But I still keep my eye open for any major developments.

It’s still relatively quiet in the weeks leading up to the Australian Open, and too soon to read into surprising losses by Serena Williams and Roger Federer in tuneup tournaments that are underway.

But it’s nice to come back to tennis and write more about the Australian Open in January, a tournament that for a while in the ’70s almost lost its major championship status.

On another note, I’m happy to let readers know that I’ve been striving to maintain my resolutions for the new year about which I have written in my last few posts. So far, so good! Please feel free to share your resolutions with the growing group of followers of this blog. We learn from each other!