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While I wait for a ride to take me to a small Quaker gathering, I’m looking back on a day that was a continuation of a night’s journey that began about 22 hours ago.

My young daughter unexpectedly caught a stomach bug that I found out later has been going around. A few hours later, it reached my husband. Without going into great detail, sleep came in fits and starts.

I couldn’t exactly say, “Hey, it looks like I’m going to work tomorrow, so how about the two of you letting me rest?” Of course, I untaped my sleepy eyes and helped out.

Parenthood and couplehood come with responsibilities. They both can be messy, and the messes come in all sizes and happen when least expected. Of course, the joy of being part of a great family — we call ourselves The Three of Us — outweighs an unpleasant experience like last night that leads to sleep deprivation.

Late this afternoon a colleague and I were smiling about two similar incidents caused by students that led to the water being shut off at work. The actions were unintentional and can be remembered as learning experiences that resulted in minor inconvenience. They happened on the same day as the stomach bug hit my family.

So now, after work and the Quaker gathering, I’m home. My daughter is sound asleep, my husband seems better, and in one hour, I’m going to start a long night’s journey into day.