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As a father of a young child, I’m lucky if I make it through a newscast in the evening let alone the Golden Globe Awards.

The last time I sunk my teeth into movies is when I moved to Hawaii almost three years ago. Because I would do just about anything than get in a plane, I had seven days, my last real vacation, to watch a few films from my cabin.

Since then, my husband usually taps me on the shoulder on our couch around 8:30 p.m. to make sure I’m still alive and so that I brush my teeth before I fall into La La Land.

I did read, though, that the movie La La Land broke records at the Golden Globes last night. I also read that Donald Trump and his close advisor Kellyanne Conway tore into Meryl Streep today for her exercising free speech at the Globes where she dared to criticize the president-elect.

I truly wish both Mr. Trump and Ms. Conway would spend their valuable time learning about complex relations between the United States and Russia rather than going after Meryl. They might also spend quality time with people with disabilities rather than crudely mock them and then pretend it did not happen.

I’ve held back in this blog about being heartbroken about the national election, but let’s not kid around. I thought the world was in a dangerous state before Mr. Trump won. Now I hold my breath every time I check headlines.

Next week I likely will speak as a Quaker at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event, and mention how Friends have strongly supported the principles Dr. King stood for and how Quakers have been advocates of peace and non-violence for centuries.

I hope Mr. Trump and Ms. Conway find time to let Dr. King’s messages sink in to what they have been tweeting to the world and their defending those tweets on news shows. If they did, we all might start to breathe again and believe that La La Land is just a great movie and not the surreal world that has overtaken us since early November.