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I had never planned to take strong political stances in my blog, but rather focus on tennis and Trisomy 21, the former because tennis has helped me find my way in life, and the latter because my gorgeous daughter was born with an extra chromosome.

A couple months into starting the blog, though, I knew had been writing about much more than those topics so I added Taking in Life Together to Tennis and Trisomy 21.

After the recent national elections I found it harder to refrain from addressing issues with political under- and overtones. In fact, a mentor told me in early December that “the world needs now more than ever writers, poets, ministers, idealists, artists who will speak up.”

So here I am, a few days before players begin competing in the main draw of the Australian Open, the third major I’ve covered in this blog, writing about Nicole Kidman (who, by coincidence, is a dual citizen of both Australia and the United States).

Nicole Kidman?

Well, earlier this week, Donald Trump slammed Meryl Streep for having the audacity to ask citizens to help “safeguard the truth” by challenging Trump’s lack of tolerance for the press, foreigners, and the entertainment industry. How dare she!

Nicole and Meryl starred together in the film The Hours in which Nicole portrayed Virginia Woolf — and won an Academy  Award for it.

Richard Schickel of Time criticized the film’s screenwriter and director for turning Woolf, “a woman of incisive mind, into a hapless ditherer.”

Yesterday I wondered if Nicole Kidman had become a hapless ditherer herself.

She encouraged us all to accept and support Donald Trump: “I just say, he’s now elected, and we as a country need to support whosever the president because that’s what the country’s based on. Whatever, however that happened, he’s there, and let’s go.”


Nicole, Nicole, many causes near and dear to all of us, including you, may well be ripped apart by the president-elect. Please connect the dots. You have the opportunity, like Meryl, to speak truths people will care about, for us to face the future with resilience rather than fear.