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I wrote about gaslighting last week, for me a term for which I now have a keener awareness, like learning a new word and then seeing it everywhere.

One need only read the headlines of online news publications every hour of every day and — looky here — the president-elect and many of his proposed cabinet picks are denying they made definitive statements for which there is documented proof about issues that affect millions of people.

Is this the new normal?

Just to make sure I’m not going crazy, I read the articles in English and German. Coverage by the German press is usually more direct and brutal about obfuscation than the most liberal of  American online publications.

The level of denial and gaslighting by Donald Trump and many who will accompany him in his ascension to the White House is breathtaking.

I’m very grateful for the Australian Open. It helps me slip into my own little world of denial, that all is right in the universe because intelligent, grown men and women are playing their hearts out on a rectangular surface 78 feet long and 27 feet wide (for singles) chasing after little yellow tennis balls.

pumpkinWhen I was still recovering from the shock of my daughter arriving in our world with an extra chromosome, I held her much of the day and watched the French Open. In regaining my equilibrium since national elections last November,  I’m very grateful that Inauguration week coincides with the first days of the Australian Open.

My daughter is stunning in every way, a miracle, the best thing that ever happened in my life. I’m hoping that now that Donald Trump has shown again his true colors over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, more citizens of the United States will realize how lucky we have been these past eight years and do whatever we reasonably can to return to truth.