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Last night was family pizza night like every Wednesday. Soon after Ellen fell into blissful sleep in her bedroom, the largest room in the house and her queendom.

Me? Not so blissful. Ben left for the other side of the island for a while. I snuggled into my own bed to watch scenes in Washington, D.C. where Donald Trump will be moving into the White House in a few days and, with deft channel switching capabilities, over to Australia where Novak Djokovic was locked in a fierce battle on a tennis court with Denis Istomin, a player ranked outside the top 100.

What seemed like a few minutes later but was actually two hours, I woke up with a start. My immediate thoughts: President Obama can’t be leaving us this soon; why are the tennis commentators talking about their great shock; where is my husband? It took me a few minutes to realize that yes, the Inauguration is on Friday and it is for real, that Denis played the match of his life, and, after a quick phone call, that Ben was fine.

I had a drink of water and fell back asleep.

ganzneuesautoThis morning, Thursday arrived at out home around 5:30 a.m. with few surprises. Everyone dressed for school in a reasonable fashion, lunches were packed, coffee and acai juice were drunk, first emails of the day were read.

Then I could not find our car. Figuring parking was tight, I thought, “Well, that’s fine, a little family walk before school.” I checked with Ben. He told me I was standing in front of our new car.

I’m not a car guy. I’ve tried, but I’ve driven only out of necessity. I’m sure there is a male part of me lacking, but it just has not been there. Until this morning. I was practically jumping.

Maybe it’s because last night was surreal, maybe because its our first car purchased in Hawaii which has truly begun to feel like home, maybe because in this crazy world we should allow ourselves to be overcome by happiness and not question why.

I usually don’t like surprises, but to use a Quaker term, I’m easy with this one!