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The senior adviser for the new occupant of the White House, Kellyanne Conway, has baffled me. Yesterday she outdid herself.

Not only did she misrepresent facts — a frequent occurrence for the new administration — she invented a massacre that never happened.

This was not a memory lapse about a moment in history 200 years ago.

Kellyanne referred to President Obama’s six-month ban on the Iraqi refugee program. Well, President Obama didn’t ban the Iraqi refugee program.

She then mentioned two Iraqis who engineered a massacre.

There was no massacre. The two Iraqis never killed anyone in the United States.

Kellyanne, on a national news show, invented a fake attack. Then again, it is Kellyanne who coined the phrase “alternative facts.”

When I worked for an embassy, I never made an appearance on television. I did, though, represent diplomats at conferences, meetings and events. It was a given that I would have a good command of any facts I stated. They were not alternative. It was a given that I would have done my homework on any topic about which I might have been asked to speak.

Then again, I had the privilege of working for and learning from honorable professionals who cared about the truth.