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I once read that Dorothy Hamill, the Olympic champion in figure skating in 1976, would decades later practice a double axel when she would skate for fun just to see if she could still do it.

I finished my 18th marathon two months ago. It was my hardest and most satisfying. My goal is to reach 20. But since last December, I have not ventured a run longer than five miles.

Today I forced myself to take a day off from a job I love. I ran 14 miles. I wanted to see if I could do it!

The last time I had an unplanned day was three years ago when I moved to Hawaii two months in advance of my husband and daughter. Since I would rather eat spiders than get on a plane, I traveled on a ship from San Francisco. It took a week and I savored those days with no preset plans. I’m not adept at letting myself have them when I’m working or with my family. I want to do my part for the success of the wonderful school where I work, and I want my family to succeed. I know, I know, just let go once in a while.

erfolgSo I did today, and guess what! After not checking emails for seven hours, I received this note from Ellen’s teacher: Look!!! She got the fact family. She did this all independently. Go Ellen!! 

For me, this was far more exciting than the 14 miles I ran today or a gold medal!