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I’ve played tennis for years, and in spite of my predilection for age-defying creams, I still need to check in with the dermatologist once a year just to be safe.

I did today and had a harmless spot removed I’ve lived with for decades. It went quickly, probably a good thing.

A major headline this morning was about White House press Secretary Sean Spicer having to redefine what his boss meant by “wiretapping,” namely that Donald Trump really didn’t mean it when he earlier this month he accused his predecessor, President Barack Obama, of wiretapping.

Poor Donald. The guy just could not sleep at night, tossed and turned, got out his phone, and leveled charges that he now can’t substantiate.

Poor Sean. The guy probably doesn’t get any sleep at night because his boss is a little unpredictable and could any day place the world in grave danger.

Donald, it’s not too late to change your ways and spots. You don’t even need to have anything removed other than your phone. The next time you have a restless night, try deep meditation — and do nothing!