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A March winter storm has pounded three states I’ve lived in: Maryland, New York, and New Hampshire. I’ve seen wonderful pictures from my cousins and friends and their children that bring back memories of innocence, when, even as an adult, I would be excited the night before a major storm and hope for a snow day!

der-schneemanIn Honolulu, by the way, it is 80 degrees as I am writing my post this afternoon. In a few hours I am getting my hair cut in anticipation of even warmer days.

I’m often asked if I miss snow or the change of seasons or anything about the Mainland. Of course I miss family and friends, but in almost three years since I moved to Hawaii I have not once had the urge to travel across the ocean to the other 49 states. In fact, I’ve really only travelled to one other island, Maui. Even the Big Island seems so far away from Oahu.

The greater the distance to Donald Trump, the better.

The latest stunner, although I should no longer be stunned, is the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Suddenly, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, which yesterday stated that 24 million people would lose health insurance by 2026, is being discredited by the new administration. For me, Trump’s relationship with¬†reality has always been puzzling. Now, however, it feels like a daily kick in the gut. His “alternative facts” have contributed to fear and an environment on the Mainland I wouldn’t want to go near even if I missed it.

I sleep better at night in Hawaii knowing that my husband and daughter and I are far away from the March Madness. A cold winter has taken hold again in the continental United States. We miss the snow a bit, but not being snowed by the new occupants of the White House.