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My cousin-in-law recently posted a picture of Donald Trump’s third (and current) wife enjoying a meal of diamonds.

The fact that the new occupant of the White House has been married three times is truly none of my business, although if Barack Obama had two former wives living and were married a third time, Republicans would be pouncing every day.

It should also be noted that my cousin-in-law is a woman who is married to my cousin who is a woman. Trump’s Vice President certainly would disapprove as he would of my second marriage to a man. (My first, not that it’s anybody’s business, was to a woman.)

Double standards abound in the era of Trump. I’ve never seen in my lifetime such an exemplary First Couple as the Obamas. I don’t even know where to begin with Trump except that the greater the distance between my family and his government, the better. Fortunately, as followers of this blog know, we live in Hawaii, although I’m sure he’ll try to punish the state because a federal judge from Honolulu recently put a hold on Trump’s revised travel ban.

As for Melania Trump, she seems like a pretty nice person who just happened to plagiarize the one major speech she’s ever made. Had Michelle Obama ever made one false step, the Republicans would have gone wild — or, following Trump’s lead — invented alternative truths.

The truth is I’m fine that Melania and her husband and son and the extended First Family enjoy breathtaking privilege as long they don’t do it at the expense of those most vulnerable. How about funding Meals on Wheels, afterschool programs for children, and those who would be without health insurance with a few of Melania’s diamonds? Or should the people who suffer most in this country just eat cake?